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Here are the three ways Ship to US can help your business

Here are three ways Ship to US can help your business:

  • 01
    Buy products from US retailers at great prices and sell them to customers in your country.
  • 02
    Ship products directly from the US to your customers across the globe.
  • 03
    Create a logistics office in the United States to expand your operations.

01 /A physical mailing address in the US

With Ship to US, you can have a US mailing address that you can use for receiving letters and parcels. This service is suitable whether you are an individual or a business. The address is a physical address, not a PO box. When the items arrive, they are held in our secure warehousing and procesSign facility. Mail is scanned in so you can read it online. Parcels are loaded onto our system, so you can track delivery. You can then choose to forward the received items to anywhere in the world.

You can use this address for a range of purposes, including:
  • Buy in the US for less because you can take advantage of the clearance sales, deals, and discounts that are offered by US-based retailers.
  • Lower the cost of shipping from the US by as much as 80 percent.
  • Clear customs quickly with a commercial invoice that we can provide for free.
  • Store items in our warehouse for up to 45 days to manage and further reduce your shipping costs.
  • Save even more money by combining multiple products into one delivery.
  • Buy anything you want – small parcels, large boxes, pallets, or even containers – we handle them all.
  • Expand your business globally.
  • Increase your revenue and make higher profits.

02 /Ship products directly from the US to your customers across the globe

We handle shipping and logistics for both US-based businesses and companies around the world. With our services, you can cut the cost of shipping.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose us as your logistics partner:
  • Sell to customers anywhere in the world We ship to over 200 countries so you can have a global customer base.
  • Warehousing services We offer unpacking, storage, and delivery services that are efficient, reliable, and professional.
  • Save money Cut your international delivery costs by as much as 80 percent.
  • Get commercial invoices free of charge We will create a commercial invoice to speed up customs clearance for your shipment.
  • Comprehensive and flexible management system You can manage your orders through our online portal, access invoices, review your order history, and more.
  • Blacklist and relationship history maintenance We make shipping from the US hassle-free.
  • Choose your carrier and save We offer low-cost shipping with top carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.
  • Handle your mail We can also handle your US mail by receiving, reading, and forwarding the parcels and letters you are sent.

03 /Create a logistics office in the United States to expand your operations across the globe

Expand your business operations with a US mailing address and fax number. We can also connect your business by phone with call forwarding and voicemail services. This means you can have a virtual office and a logistics operation in the US. You can use our facilities to ship to customers in the US and around the world.

We offer a more comprehensive range of services than our competitors. Services include:
  • US address
  • Online system where you can read, delete, and forward any mail received
  • Voicemail so customers in the US can call you
  • Call forwarding service to automatically transfer calls from US customers to your local number, wherever you are in the world
  • US fax number
  • Send bulk shipments to the US where we will check, unpack, sort, and then deliver to your US customers
  • Flexible invoice and statement creation tools
  • Reports, including order history reports
Plus, you can save money on shipping, particularly when you ship in bulk.