Buy in the United States with a US address and we’ll ship to you anywhere in the world

Buy products on any US website, including top brands and new products.
Benefit from the lowest prices and discounts normally only available to US-based customers
Get up to 75 percent off international delivery.
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Four Ways Ship to US Can Help Your Business

Buy products in the US at great prices and sell them in your own country.
Buy products in the US and ship them directly to your customers anywhere in the world.
Open a US-based virtual logistics and shipping center.
Run a US-based company from your home country.

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More Benefits
Access our network of freight forwarding agents
Our agents are located in various locations across the US
Save on shipping by selecting an agent in the state with the lowest shipping costs
You can also save on sales tax by carefully selecting an agent in the right state
Receive correspondence at a US address
Manage and track your US mail and parcels 24/7
Save with our low cost pricing plans

How It Works

Get your US address

Sign up for a US shipping address to use when purchasing items from US-based online retailers. You will also get an application for our shipping manager system that lets you track parcels and arrange delivery to your home country.

Buy what you want

You can purchase any item from any US-based website. This includes retailers that don't normally ship to your country. Instead of using your home address, enter the US address we give you as the shipping address. You can send multiple items to this US address and then combine them before sending them to your physical location. This will save you even more.
Another option you have is to get a member of our team of personal shoppers to buy the item on your behalf. We use our knowledge of state sales tax laws and shipping logistics to ensure you get the lowest overall price possible.

Forward your items to your home

Use your Ship to US shipping manager account to arrange for your items to be shipped to your physical location (or any other address anywhere in the world). The carriers include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. By combining multiple items into one shipment, you can save as much as 80 percent on delivery costs.

Our Service Includes

  • Same day shipping service when you place your order before 1am EST
  • Physical receipt of your items at your selected US address
  • A quality check on the parcel carried out by our agent
  • Storage for up to 45 days
  • Forwarding of your item/s to your selected destination
  • The ability to combine items into one shipment to reduce your costs by as much as 75 percent
  • A choice of shipping companies
  • The ability to ship to multiple addresses
  • Commercial invoice creation
  • Collating all paperwork related to your deliveries
  • Shipping on a schedule that suits your needs – weekly, twice a week, or monthly
  • US fax number
  • A total of five mailbox names that you can use for 30 days from the date you sign up
  • The ability to combine items into one shipment to reduce your costs by as much as 75 percent
  • No hidden fees

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Michailo Odri
Bucharest, Romania
I use Ship to US to buy new models of Apple products as soon as they are released on the US market. I am amazed by the level of service and this amazing opportunity to get access to the most lucrative bargains.
James O'Brien
Manchester, UK
Ship to US allows me to establish business presence in the United States. We cut down fixed costs of warehousing and only pay as we ship. Cloud logistics interface is a convenient way to manage our US operations.
Natalia Ivanova
Kiev, Ukraine
I buy fashion items on a monthly basis with Ship to US. I save on shipping, because Ship to US does package consolidation for me, and I don't need to pay sales tax, because when I shop I can ship to the address in Delaware.